2021 Mediumship Courses

To expand your abilities

Channeling is an innate skill everyone has and can be develop. We offer our Mediumship 101 Course for beginners, Mediumship 102 Course Intermediate level and Mediumship 103 Course Advanced level. You will learn to distinguish the difference between a high-vibrational life and a low vibrational life. Our mediumship courses are a journey from the mundane into the realm of the wondrous an opportunity for those committed to creating a better life and to do so at their own pace and with the support of an ever-growing community of people. 

In these courses you are provided with a student manual and daily live events and practice sessions on ZOOM and in the Facebook Group to accelrate your growth. You will learn to open your Claires’, raise the well-being of your body and mind, balance your energy centers/chakras, meditate, connect to non-physical beings and much more! As you open up your claires and expand your awareness to non-physical realms of energy and consciousness you open to the wisdom and knowledge of the beings that reside there.

These Course are life changing and not available at this price anywhere else. Register today and become more of who you are.

Mediumship courses

Mediumship 101 Course for Beginners

February 13th –  March 5th 2021

The Mediumship 101 Course will be held for three consecutive weeks. Enroll through PayPal or Credit Card by clicking the button under “Enroll in Mediumship 101” Registered students will be sent a link to join the group the evening prior to the starting date.

Mediumship 101 is an interactive course on learning to channeling one’s Angels, Guides and the Ascended Masters. It is held in a private FB group where students will learn via Live ZOOM sessions with the support of 6 Mediums. Students can work at their own pace and around their own schedule and time zone, as all material, events are recorded and available anytime for replay for the duration of the course on the group wall.

$199 USD

Mediumship 102

Intermediate Level Course

March 6th – March 26th

Further Opening your Channels and releasing dense energies. Intermediate level Channeling is a high vibrational 3 week course and builds upon the foundation of the Mediumship 101 course. It is not mandatory to take the 101 course to join this stage of the three week program. In Mediumship 102 we will continue by further opening the Clair’s through practice channelings and will work on releasing old unconscious blocks which no longer serve you, through guided meditation to activate your pineal gland and Kundalini energies. We will be placing a strong Focus on releasing past dense Energies to embody your new light being and create a new future.

$199 USD

Mediumship 103 Advanced level Course

March 27th – March 16th

The Mediumship 103 Course will be held for three consecutive week. This course is currently being offered only to students who have taken either the Mediumship 101 Course for Beginners, The Mediumship 102 Intermediate level course or the Mediumship 102 Extension course.

Mediumship 103 is an interactive course on advancing your abilities channeling your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and multidimensional beings. The course is hosted in a private FB group where students will learn via Live interactive sessions with the support of 5 Mediums and fellow students, during the three-week program. Students can work at their own pace and around their own schedules and time zones, as all material, recorded video and live sessions will be left on the wall for the duration of the course, to be replayed by students as needed.

$199 USD